Saturday, June 5, 2010



I have searched the Internet to find FREE resources for CXC CSEC Biology, to no avail. I am sure that many Students, Teachers and Parents have tried too. Students will find this Blog as useful resource as they revise, read ahead, write your Lab Reports and answer Past Paper Questions. Teachers – especially new ones – will find a lot of information useful, especially the LAB MARK SCHEMES. Although this Blog will be useful to many persons,  the student will be addressed.

THREE things need to be noted from the start:

  1.  CXC reserves the exclusive right to publish Syllabi. So, you will not see a duplication of the syllabus here. My REVSION GUIDES mirror OBJECTIVES in the Biology and HSB Syllabi. Whereas the objectives provide a framework for intelligent interpretation, the objectives here are more detailed, based on experience.


  1. Past Paper Questions will not appear here verbatim (word for word), again due to Copyright Issues. Reference will be made to ALL Past Paper Questions   - Year/Month/ Paper/Question - that Model Answers are provided for. I strongly urge you to obtain Past Papers in Booklet form from your Local Book Store, or elsewhere. I do not think that Past Papers are optional, but a necessity. Used for the onset, they will help you to:

·          fill in the gaps in your knowledge

·         integrate knowledge on various topics

·         understand the mark scheme

·         teach you to analyze information 

·         speed up your thinking process

  1. The Guidelines on this site do not replace your Teacher’s Guidelines. Rather, you should consider them complimentary.  


I wish you all the best on your journey.  Determine to master the content and to be the very best.


Biology Teacher